The ‘Answered Prayer Challenge’

Make hope visible EWAPThe ‘Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer‘ group has launched the ‘Answered Prayer Challenge,’ inviting people to post a short video on social media about one way in which the Lord has answered prayer. The aim is ‘to make hope visible‘ at a time of ongoing challenge, when many face hardship and many are living in fear and despair. It is hoped that flooding social media with stories of faith and hope will encourage Christians and provoke conversations with friends, neighbours and colleagues. Those posting a video are encouraged to use the hashtags #AnsweredPrayerChallenge, #MakeHopeVisible and #EternalWall. The campaign runs from Monday 25 January to Thursday 25 February. Find out more about the Answered Prayer Challenge HERE.

The Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer will be a huge, thought-provoking piece of public art aiming to kindle conversation about prayer. The iconic ‘eternal’ arch structure will be constructed using one million bricks, with each representing individual prayers that have been answered for people across the country. The landmark will make hope visible by digitally linking visitors with the database of one million answered prayers using interactive technology and a bespoke app – visitors will be able to use their smart device, holding it against any brick to read the individual answered prayers and the personal stories behind them.

Built on a site near Coleshill, the Eternal Wall will be 169 feet (51.5m) tall, eclipsing the size of the ‘Angel of the North.’ It is expected to attract 300,000 visitors each year, contributing £9.3 million to the local economy. The Eternal Wall will be visible to the occupants of the 500,000 vehicles which travel each and every week along from the M6 and M42. It will also be seen by passengers on planes flying into and out of Birmingham Airport and, in due course, by people travelling on trains on the new HS2 line between London and Birmingham.

Each of the one million bricks used in the construction will contain stories of answered prayer. 750,000 of the total will come from the UK and 250,000 from around the world. Construction should begin later in 2021, with a completion date in 2022. Discover more about the Eternal Wall HERE and visit its Facebook page HERE.