‘Remembrance 100’

‘Remembrance 100’ begins with ‘100 days of prayer for peace‘ from Saturday 4 August to Sunday 11 November 2018, the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day. The prayer initiative builds on the fact that, on 4 August 1918, King George V called a National Day of Prayer. King George and Queen Mary themselves joined members of the Houses of Parliament in Westminster in prayer. One hundred days later the First World War ended.


Christians from across the denominational spectrum have contributed prayers for peace, which will be shared through social media during the 100 days of prayer, encouraging churches, schools and communities to reflect on the past and to build hope for the future. 

Remembrance 100

In the week immediately prior to Remembrance Day, Monday 5 to Friday 9 November inclusive, why not invite local schools to hold a week of peace? Resources to support this are available from the Bible Society at https://bit.ly/2MMrpmP


On Sunday 11 November, many local churches will be at the heart of community Remembrance Services around the Black Country. HOPE is publishing a give-away booklet called ‘Silence,’ which will be available at the beginning of August. Discover ideas for Remembrance Day Street Parties via https://bit.ly/2Mc7SLk