reimagine_church_conference (9 march 2019)

Passion Play in Birmingham

For three days during Holy Week, the Dudley-based Saltmine Theatre Company will run the Passion Play in central Birmingham. This large-scale public event represents a huge missional outreach opportunity. More information via this link

Birmingham Passion Play (April 2019)


Firestarters is a community of Baptist churches, led by the leaders of some of the fastest-growing ‘Baptists Together‘ churches, who are eager to grow and learn together with a commitment to seeing people saved by Jesus. The aim is to see ‘100 Baptists Together churches see twice the number of baptisms in the 12 months following as in the five years previously’. The community’s strapline is ‘Growing churches, helping grow churches.’ The aim has been pursued through a series of 24-hour conversations to share stories and lessons learnt, and to encourage churches to be courageous in mission. One of the leaders of the Firestarter community is Aaron Jarvis, pastor of Londonderry Baptist Church in Oldbury. firestarters (2019)