Christian Aid Week 2020

Christian Aid Week 2020The annual Christian Aid Week runs from Sunday 10 to Saturday 16 May 2020. For decades, Christian Aid has relied on the generous donations of the general public to fund its overseas aid-and-development programmes aimed at alleviating poverty and addressing crisis situations. Last year, around 57,000 volunteers engaged in door-to-door collections during Christian Aid Week, raising a total in excess of £8m.

This year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, door-to-door collections will not be possible. However, Christian Aid still needs donations. The 2020 appeal focuses on Kenya, which is experiencing its worst drought in living memory, and now also has Coronavirus to contend with. The prospect for the country is extremely worrying. We are being told to combat Coronavirus by washing our hands. That’s not difficult to do, if you have soap and water. Christian Aid is helping Kenyans to build water traps and dams, without which many will die from a basic lack of water and hygiene.

Christian Aid is asking us not to ‘wash our hands’ of the plight of our Kenyan brothers and sisters. Find out more about the work of Christian Aid HERE and donate to the 2020 Christian Aid Week appeal via THIS LINK.